Do You Have Dark Bags Under Eyes?

As one ages, it is very natural to experience certain changes not only in the overall appearance of your skin but in particular to that area of skin just below your eyes. Looking in the mirror and suddenly there they are, staring back at you, appearing from nowhere, the dreaded bags, bags under your eyes and those dark circles under your eyes. This can be a cause for panic as the eyes are the focal point of our face and there they are telling all the world that the passing years have taken their toll, they have not been kind to us. Eye bags usually form over time where the skin and the soft tissues under the eyes lose their firmness. Fatty deposits begin to form, start to bulge and become more and more visible. Dark circles form as blood vessels just below the surface of that thin area of skin under your eyes begin to leak slightly and show through as a dark bluish discoloration. Despite those passing years there are ways to reduce the effect of eye bags or puffy eyes and dark circles.neoeyes

Puffy eyes for instance may be the result of excessive use of eye creams. Don’t use too much, a little goes a long way. At night while you sleep if you have used too much your body heat can cause it to melt and slide into your eyes. To avoid this use only a very small amount and tap it gently along the eye socket bone with your finger tips. Puffy Eyes can also be a sign of poor circulation, to help circulation improve try tapping with your fingers lightly along the eye sockets from the inside corner to the outer eye. Lack of sleep, tiredness, stress and too much alcohol can all contribute to this problem and you may therefore consider a change of lifestyle. Try a chill-out for ten minutes or so by relaxing with cotton wool pads soaked in witch hazel and placed over your eyes. Click here

Dark circles again can be due to poor circulation or a buildup of toxins because of a poor diet, too many cigarettes, too much alcohol or coffee. For dark under eye circles try a brisk walk and do some facial exercises, this may well give a kick start to the lymphatic drainage system. You may also try the home remedy of placing cold slices of cucumber or potato over your eyes whilst relaxing for ten minutes or so. No matter what your age you will want your skin looking its best so remember it does reflect your lifestyle and what you eat. Start today if you are not already following a skin care regime for tomorrow you may well be glad that you did.